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Dr. Imad Abdallah

Dr. Imad AbdallahLinkedIn

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Imad holds a PhD in probabilistic modelling in wind energy from the Technical University of Denmark. He worked as lead engineer at Vestas Wind Systems. In addition to RTDT, he launched one startup.

Dr. Konstantinos Tatsis

Dr. Konstantinos Tatsis

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Konstantinos holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and his expertise is in the fusion of physics-based and data-driven models for real-time virtualization of wind turbine dynamics.

Aris Mukherjee

Aris MukherjeeLinkedIn

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder

Aris has a professional background in Venture Capital, and many years of experience with early-stage startups. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich, and is passionate about finance, sales and business development.

Yuri Jean Fabris

Yuri Jean FabrisLinkedIn

VP of Engineering

Yuri is a software engineer with a background in web, mobile, and blockchain fullstack development. His expertise is complemented by a flair for UI/UX design and hands-on experience in various early-stage startups.

Bose Sumantraa

Bose SumantraaLinkedInEmail

Director of Business Development & International Partnerships. Co-Founder Associate

An entrepreneurial researcher with 11+ years of technical wind energy research work & project management experience with a vision of accelerating the global wind energy transition. Renewable energy research, renewable energy commercial project development & management, renewable energy innovations, contract management, customer-centric business growth, and networking with industry peers for exchanging and collaborating on challenging ideas define Bose.

Prof. Dr. Eleni Chatzi

Prof. Dr. Eleni ChatziLinkedIn

Scientific Advisor

Eleni is the Chair of Structural Mechanics and Monitoring at ETH Zurich. She holds expertise in the monitoring and condition assessment of vibrating systems, with applications extending from civil, to mechanical, and wind energy structures and infrastructures.

Dr. Dehua Zhu

Dr. Dehua ZhuLinkedIn

Strategy Advisor

Dehua holds a PhD in particle physics from the ETH CERN group. His expertise is in financial risk management, large-scale data analysis campaigns, and scientific software development.

Dr. Sarah Barber

Dr. Sarah BarberLinkedIn

Scientific Advisor

Sarah Barber is Head of the Wind Energy Innovation Division at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and is founder and president of the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network. She is a lecturer in wind energy at the universities of St. Gallen and Graubünden. She is part of the Organizing Committee of IEA Wind Task 43 and is Chair of the Diversity Committee at the European Academy of Wind Energy.

Dr. Julien Deparday

Dr. Julien DepardayLinkedIn

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Julien Deparday is a senior scientist at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. His expertise is in experimental aerodynamics. He has developed several experimental systems for aeroelasticity purposes, which were installed in the field on wind turbine blades and in wind engineering applications.

Vijay Ramana

Vijay RamanaLinkedIn

Senior Advisor

Vijay is ex-COO at Suzlon Global Services Limited, India's largest renewable energy company. He is experienced in strategic relations, M&A processes and onboarding of new wind farms from concept to commissioning, synergizing across all verticals of turnkey wind O&M.