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Make real-time decisions to optimise wind turbine fleet operation through unique structural health insights

We offer purpose-built technologies and services for continuous and automated fleet-wide structural health insights

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RTDT is a No-code SaaS for Structural Health Monitoring of wind turbines

Converting data into actionable insights that deliver value can be a challenge. This is where RTDT with an end-to-end intelligence layer comes in, which is both robust and scalable while ensuring domain specificity.

RTDT thus provides you with an easy way to access deep structural health assessments on your wind turbines’ components regardless of your skill set and expertise.

Owner, Operator & Service provider

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Detect anomalies

Detect and mitigate the early onset of structural damage, faults, anomalies, and abnormal operations

Structural underutilization icon

Structural underutilization

Automated solutions for the assessment of structural underutilization and reserves of wind turbines

Remaining useful lifetime icon

Remaining useful lifetime

Continuously & reliably estimate the remaining useful lifetime of wind turbines’ structural components

Evaluate loads icon

Evaluate loads

Autonomously evaluate the loads when changing control parameters (e.g. yaw misalignment or rated power)

Optimize O&M icon

Optimize O&M

Decision support tools for optimal planning of appropriate operation, maintenance and intervention schemes


Detect systematic errors icon

Detect systematic errors

Detect and interpret the early onset of a systematic catastrophic structural failure due to design or manufacturing errors

Structural reliability icon

Structural reliability

Infer the consequence of anomalies, abnormal operations or defects on the overall structural integrity, durability and reliability throughout the structural life cycle of the wind turbine

Design loads icon

Design loads

Assess site-specific operating loads and compare to design loads

Safety Factors icon

Safety Factors

Optimize safety factors via probabilistic load cases and uncertainties quantification

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Go further

Bridge the gap between field performance and turbine R&D and design

A digital doctor for your wind turbines

We give you the capability to assess the structural performance of your wind turbines by augmenting SCADA with physics models


Build digital twins

We build SCADA-based digital twins using Graph Neural Network models for fleet-wide structural reliability assessment, fault classification and anomaly detection


Integrate physics models

We couple SCADA with multi-fidelity physics models for probabilistic loads and dynamical response estimation on wind turbine structural components


Integrate time series models

We couple SCADA with probabilistic time series models for the detection of structural damage, anomalies, faults, and abnormal operation

We have the tools to help you get deeper insights into your wind turbines' structural performance with direct & continuous vibration and strain measurements


Vibration and strain measurements

We install & maintain plug & play instrumentation for direct and continuous structural dynamics measurements, using vibration and strain sensors


Hybrid diagnostics

Autonomously & continuously run, on premise or on cloud, a suite of structural health monitoring algorithms and models (data-driven and hybrid models)


AI decision support

Our Supervisory Decision Support Engine (SDSE) ingests the ensemble of output health indicators to provide a holistic structural health assessment. SDSE learns interpretable rules while accounting for biases from observational data

Monitoring as a Service

The RTDT software supports owners, operators, service providers and OEMs throughout their journey into monitoring and diagnostics for more reliable and profitable wind turbine fleet


We conduct fundamental, long-term R&D toward the creation of safe and reliable wind turbines

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